An Ode to Insulation

It’s not sexy. And most of the time it’s not even visible. Which is no accident, since it’s pretty nondescript-looking, to put things generously. But it’s really good to have it there when you need it, which in Houston is all but about two months of the year.

So let this be our little paean to the unsung virtues of insulation, which loomed large in our thoughts this week. And which, no doubt, will swiftly recede again from our notice.


The truck is here!  Today is the day!



I guess they’re done.  But what does that say?



Oh.  OK.



Open-cell spray-foam insulation (as opposed to closed-cell) provides a modest amount of permeability, to prevent moisture from getting trapped, while providing a tighter seal than the traditional fiberglass batting.




Does this qualify as an ode? I’m not sure. I don’t recall ever penning an ode before.

Coming soon: sheetrock!  Now that will be exciting.


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