Case Study


A young couple with a small child were looking for an old home to make their own. The house they found on a beautiful tree-lined street in the Houston Heights was small, and with the interior having been altered in bizarre ways, it was being sold for lot value. However, the gracious exterior was intact, and we recognized house’s potential. With our encouragement, our clients went ahead and bought it.

“Before” photos reveal ceilings dropped to 8’ 0” in some areas, covering parts of lovely turn-of-the-century windows. In others areas, strange vaulting and piercings appeared in the ceiling, walls had been removed, and inappropriate arches added.

“After” photos show our approach. We restored the original floor plan and original details throughout the front of the house, inserted a stylistically-appropriate stairway to take in space on the attic level, enlarged and extended the kitchen, and added a master suite. Effort was made to conceal additions to the rear of the house when viewed from the street, in order to keep the house’s scale and proportion in harmony with the surrounding homes.

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