Case Study

Woodlands home

When we first encountered this spec house, we found room after room of dark, faux-painted walls, typical traditional cabinetry, and outdated furnishings. Our clients, a young couple with three children, wanted a fresher and more streamlined look. This posed a problem: How to impart a more modern feel to what was basically a very traditional house? Our solution was to simplify the architectural envelope as much as possible, then introduce modern lighting, cabinetry and furniture into the traditional fabric of the house. The interest created would be in the marriage of the two.

We started by stripping all the walls and ceilings of any texture. We eliminated some moldings, but kept others, and painted everything a soft white. We then installed modern lighting fixtures throughout, pulled out the existing cabinets, and used flat slab doors to remodel the kitchen, the powder room and the laundry area. All existing furniture in the house was replaced with a combination of wood and metal pieces designed by us (such as the faux shagreen and walnut storage cabinet in the dining room, and the coffee table and console in the living room) and upholstered furniture from a number of different sources.

Photos By After photos: Miro Dvorscak

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