Our Firm

Four Square Design Studio LLC is a design firm offering a full spectrum of services, ranging from design of the form and details of the building itself through the design of the interior finishes and furnishings.  We focus mostly on residential and small commercial projects.

Although our practice does include new construction, much of our work involves renovations of or additions to older buildings. We find that owners, builders, and even other design professionals often overlook the adaptive potential in well-designed older structures. Where others see a tear-down, we often see opportunities for adaptive re-use – a chance to enhance or repurpose an old building to serve a contemporary need, while respecting its original spirit and design. Yet although we have extensive knowledge of and education in historic architectural styles and art history, we are not strict traditionalists. We enjoy the juxtaposition of old and new, and our love and appreciation for modern design often leads us to adopt a contemporary interior treatment in our renovation projects.

We are known for our focus on the needs of our clients, as well as for our expertise in the following areas:

  • Historically-sensitive additions and renovations
  • Knowledge of historic (19th to mid-20th century) architectural styles and detailing
  • Navigating the Certificate of Appropriateness process mandated by Houston’s historic districts
  • Kitchen and bath design
  • Finding creative solutions where available space is limited
  • Design of custom cabinetry and furniture
  • Use of color

More than anything else, we love working with clients who value good design, who share our aesthetic sense, and with whom we can forge an effective collaboration.