A young couple with a small child were looking for an old home to make their own. They asked us to look at an available property on a beautiful tree-lined street in the Heights. The house had nice qualities but was in disrepair and was quite small for our clients’ purposes; in addition, while its charming original exterior was largely intact, the interior had been changed beyond recognition. To their credit, and with our encouragement, our clients decided to move forward with the project.  They asked us to restore the house’s original plan and details, while providing a master suite, a larger, modernized kitchen, and new bathrooms.

We designed a rear addition to accommodate the master suite and allow the enlargement of the kitchen.  We also inserted a stair into the wide central hall to gain access to the attic space. By judiciously adding dormers, we were able to capture two bedrooms, a playroom and a full bath, all without adding to the attic’s footprint.

The resulting house has regained a sense of the past while functioning well for the present. Though it retains its original scale when viewed from the street, it provides a spacious and comfortable home for a growing young family.

The following artwork is from Koelsch gallery: Art in kitchen by Sally Bennett. Painting in living room by Manuel Miranda. Art in dining room by M. Tucker. Gray painting in stair hall by Nelda Gilliam. Hanging clothing sculpture in stair hall by Donna Rosenthal. Artwork at left in lavendar guest room by Ellen Frances Tuchman. Art in child’s room by Beverly Floyd. Art in the master bathroom seen in the mirror by Matt Duffin.

Artwork in playroom by Katie Beirne.

The large artwork at the end of the hall is made from multiples of a photo from Ikea.

PHOTOS BY Miro Dvorscak

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