Sheetrock time!  The long-awaited day has arrived.  Having passed our mechanical and structural inspections, we are now free to cover up the walls.  This will allow us to get started with finish work – wood trim, cabinetry, paint, and tile.  And it will provide a better sense of what the place is going to look like when it is done.

IMG_20141209_091205Unloading the truck.  That’s a lot of sheetrock!


And loading up the building.


Three days later…transformation in progress!  They started with the interior walls, which are easier to attach sheetrock to, being wood-frame as opposed to the solid-brick exterior walls.


The purple boards, for use on the exterior walls, are moisture-resistant.  The ones used on the exterior walls in the master bedroom also incorporate extra soundproofing against train noise (the Union Pacific freight line runs less than a block away).


Attaching the sheetrock to the wall.


With rough-in done, time to smooth out the seams.


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